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400次咖啡 Dalgona Coffee

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

材 料 Ingredients

· 即溶咖啡粉 Instant coffee

*不要選3合1裝 Don't use 3 in 1

· 砂糖 Granulated sugar

· 熱水 Hot Water

*溫度要足夠融化砂糖 Hot enough to melt the sugar

*即溶咖啡粉、砂糖、熱水 Instant coffee, Granulated sugar, Hot water

​ 比例 Ratio 1 : 1 : 1

​· 牛奶 Milk *全脂或脫脂也可 Both whole milk / skimmed milk works

​步驟 Steps

· Step 1:將咖啡粉、糖、熱水倒入碗中

Add the instant coffee, sugar & hot water to a mixing bowl.

· Step 2:不停攪拌,直至混合物開始變糊狀 *約攪拌8-10分鐘

Whip the coffee mixture until it's light brown and holds stiff peaks

· Step 3:將冰塊、奶、倒入杯中

Pour ice cubes & milk into the cup

· Step 4:將糊狀混合物放上面,完成!

Add coffee foam on top of the milk, and it's done!


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